Character Design

Carson Cowhand is now boarded and written. It is being worked in flash as the days go by.

Roosevelt the Rough Rider

Teddy Roosevelt digital character design for book.

Top 5 recently watched movies.


2.)Trees Lounge

3.)The WarGame


5.)My Son My Son What Have Ye Done

Here is a new track from pogo! Check out his youtube channel at

Children's Book and Watercolors

Here are the beginnings of the Children's Book. These are going to be shown to the writer and see if she is alright with me going the whole 9 with this style. Ive never watercolored its looking really lovely though.

Childrens Book Characters

Here are the two character for the book Maya and Ponnoe! Very iconic design. Lots of sketching to get to this end look. Going for a brighter color pallete throughout.

Childrens Book

WIP in progress. Going for a national park forest rural forest look. I wanted black outlines on everything more El Greco. But it has no substance with childrens style illustrations. So I stepped it back to a colorful outline. First of many.

Beastie Boys

Interior Design

Brushing up on the lighting and texturing skills. Modeled lit and textured in Maya 2011. Just got a childrens book freelance so for the next week or so going to show wips of the pages.

Updated the web page as well.

Blood In, Blood Out

Some sketches from the mighty book done while watching Blood In, Blood Out.

Cape Cod

Inspired by early Renaissance artists and sallie maes phone calls.

Moon Band

Trust your heart. Our eyes see nothing.

Walter Altair

Steampunk Inspired

3D Still Life

This one hurt the brain a little bit. 3D Lighting and Texturing project just recently rendered. Some things to tweak with but this render is looking pretty good.


Here is a concept design I did for a game currently involved in.

Testing Testing

Prototype stuff.

Kowloon: The City of Darkness