Benjamin Bemis

12 Hour long from start to finish Animated short TRIATHLON! Benjamin Bemis! Written by Clint Deadmond

Went fantastic good workout for understanding what can and cannot be done within a 14 hour limit pizza included. More to come on this in the near future.

Carson Cowhand 3D

Here is a progress shot of what Carson is looking like as a 3D fella. He kinda looks like Pancho Villa mixed with a tiki statue...BWHASH! Not sure if I modeled him correctly at all to rig but going to soon find out. Its taken me the last 5 days straight modeling him. I want to RIG and then animated him. If that goes well I will start modeling Hooph Carsons Horse.

If you have not found out this is the best video on YOUTUBE currently. Its by a dude named POGO. Check it out for yourself...its amazing!


Here is some practice Ive been doing the last couple days in Maya 2010! Been getting ready to try and model Carson Cowhand instead of going with the 2D approach going to go with the 3D side...I think. This has no narrative at the moment still a WIP but a knight will be out to get this dragon modeled in 3D as well. Looking good I'm liking it!