Zbrush 3.5

For anyone that hasn't messed around with Zbrush. It is the complete opposite of what Maya and Max are. It is a 3d Digital Sculpting program that is simply amazing. Heres a screen shot of a skull I worked on for about and hour and a half first attempt at zbrush ever. You can export an obj right out of z brush into maya and render and mess with it how you like. So goooood. Check out zbrush now and mess with it. Once you get over the interface its all fun from there. Play Pandora and get to sculpting without the mess. Good times.

Work Reel 2010

That's more than a dress. That's an Audrey Hepburn movie.

Wanted a kid kissing this pig. Didnt get around to it and ended with this. Looking lovely. Liking the colors!