Zombie Comic Panel

Loooonnnggg vacation. Cleansing the palette before getting back to the saddle. Quick comic panels I did for a zombie comic. More to come if you want to seeeeeeeeeee...bwhahahah. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

BMW i8 Ad

Stay Hungry...

Image from Short Animation

Here is a progress shot from a scene of Carson Cowhand.


I little update on Hooph Character sheet. He's more solid; believable...

Also, "Don’t squat with your spurs on."


A little music to get you in the meeewwwwd.

Current X-MAS WIP

Hell Rider

"Y'all just better be just turnin'
Back if you want this boy to win
'Cos practice is the only cure for
The predicament he's in"

Space Woman RIG

Here is the RIG so far for the Space Woman. I still need to rig her face but everything else is all done! Once she's all done I'll put together a little video of moving the RIG around for viewing pleasure.

Little Red Cap

... wolf wants to eat the girl but is afraid to do so in public. He approaches Little Red Riding Hood and she naïvely tells him where she is going. He suggests the girl pick some flowers, which she does...

Sometimes I break to be my own render engine. (UPDATED 11/21/11)

For your listening pleasure....

Standard Renders and Practices

The renders I got done today for the website update. Getting all new 3D and 2D stuff out for the site!

50's Science Fiction Model

I've have been working on updating my website this week and last. It's still in construction waiting for me to update the 3D model pictures and illustrations should possibly be done by the end up the day tomorrow. Also added streaming video for my reel so it will actually show up now.

I finally got back to this model. I have textured and did a little lighting on her. She is ready to go into rigging which I hope to slowly get done over the course of next week. I did notice some things I wanted to change look-wise before first!

Here is one of the many great songs that came up on the old Pandora.

How many modern artists does it take to change a light bulb?

Four. One to throw bulbs against the wall, one to pile hundreds of them in a heap and spray-paint it orange, one to glue light bulbs to a cocker spaniel, and one to put a bulb in the socket and fill the room with light while all the critics and buyers are watching the fellow smashing the bulbs against the wall, the fellow with the spray-gun, and the cocker spaniel.

Unicorn 50s' --Sci Fi--

Accessories are being put together. She will still need a gun and the flying ability from the sketch.

The 50's Female Space Woman

This is the current project that is in the works. It's going all the way to animation stage.

The concept sketch was done by Ryan Liebe over at http://ryanliebe.blogspot.com/ go check out his work!


Fixed body proportions. Everything is part of one mesh. Typography is now fixed. Base mesh is under 2000 polys.

Speed Sculpt

Alien speed sculpt! No drawing or concept work behind this just straight to music and sculpting. Got it done in around an hour and half. Loooooking cool!

Added one of the songs that came on pandora while sculpting. Got meh in the zone...

Phattorney Lip Sync Animation Test

Working on getting the kinks out of the animation process so everything runs smooth across the board when the start of the animation begins. Here is a lip sync/acting to Gangs of New York - Daniel Day-Lewis as Bill the Butcher.

Lip-sync Test

Here is a lip sync test of Carson. Making sure everything is all in order to be smoothly animated and not become a major headache. Library packed to the brim. This looks great in flash but seems to fall short once I export it. Maybe I didn't have the settings correct...Cough..Cough..

Flash Backgrounds

Burning out 10 of these in the next few days. Comp backgrounds for the Carson Cowhand show. Working on some tracking and roto stuff as well. Busy beavers gather no moss...hmmm that could be a good illustration...


If you need some good tunes!


Sonny: What the hell is this?
Clemenza: It's a Sicilian message. It means Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.

Here is a random thought I had while trying to go to sleep. It's exactly like Godfather but with squirrels. Genius I know...