Character sheets for Carson Cowhand Short


Carson a cowboy that is said to have been raised by wild stallions . He is humorous, clever and a little flamboyant . Looking to catch the men who do wrong and think they can get away with it. A mercenary by day and a loud snorer by night. With his team with him ( Hooph & Spittoon ) he will get all shameless criminals without a second thought. He is looking to bring this country to the top and will have nothing to do with the appalling and filthy stench of this countries criminals.



A man of travel hailing from France. Once in Americas top 10 riches tycoons list he is now out to get the countries up and comers. Looking to put France back on the map not only for incredible food but for being dangerous. A Crazy gun slinging French men with a taste for whiskey and desert sand.

Supporting Cast:

As being the self proclaimed alcoholic of the group Spittoon smells frankly. He never bathes and is constantly used for what he is; a spittoon. A complainer, cry baby, and overweight alcoholic. Whose main goal in life is to put his two cents into any conversation or poker game.

The last of the wild stallions? Hooph began his career as a horse fleeing from his homeland of New Zealand as being the runt of the band. Proving to all who doubts his brains or brawns he's out to prove this cruel world wrong. A little childish, ill-bred, and narcissistic who often finds comfort in his accomplishment in obtaining his "short term" goals.

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