Illustrated a Children's Book

Unicorn 50s' --Sci Fi--

Accessories are being put together. She will still need a gun and the flying ability from the sketch.

The 50's Female Space Woman

This is the current project that is in the works. It's going all the way to animation stage.

The concept sketch was done by Ryan Liebe over at go check out his work!


Fixed body proportions. Everything is part of one mesh. Typography is now fixed. Base mesh is under 2000 polys.

Speed Sculpt

Alien speed sculpt! No drawing or concept work behind this just straight to music and sculpting. Got it done in around an hour and half. Loooooking cool!

Added one of the songs that came on pandora while sculpting. Got meh in the zone...

Phattorney Lip Sync Animation Test

Working on getting the kinks out of the animation process so everything runs smooth across the board when the start of the animation begins. Here is a lip sync/acting to Gangs of New York - Daniel Day-Lewis as Bill the Butcher.