Carson Cowhand Part 1

I'm looking to get this into 3 parts for a total running time of around 15 minutes. With that I hope to send it out to festivals for the fame and fortune that awaits me. I found a great festival website. Im looking to get this 15 minutes done by a Portland Oregon festival deadline of January 31st. I will be moving off from part 1 and moving onto part 2 and 3 for now. Boarding starts today!

Any comments would be much appreciated! Thanks for watching!

CarsonCowhandPart1 from Geoff Palmer on Vimeo.

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Clint Douglas Knox Deadmond said...

Geoff, I'll first say that I miss you too man! Secondly, I really love it. It's so hard to paste a label on your taste and that to me is a really great thing. The girls on the track had me in hysterics, literally laughing out loud. That moving shot of Carson riding near the beginning was impressive, same for some of the quasi-3D stuff of the train. I also enjoyed the diagonal shot of the train and its shadow, cool compositions. I dig it, talk to you later.