House Update

Building UP 3D

I've recently discover Couple bros with amazing sketching skillz! I've nabbed one of there building concepts and spend the day sculpting it. I've still got awhile to go till completion but looking snazzy so far.

Mental Ray Render

Still hacking away at this. Possibility of me building an environment for these two.

Carson Cowhand Update

Still been slowy working on Carson Cowhand Part 2! Here are a couple shots. ENJOY!

Dragon Mental Ray Render

The model has about a 17k poly count coming from z-brush. Models size at highest subdivision was just a bit over 1mil. I was more eager in the process to get to this point and not so much super fine intricate texturing in ZBrush. I'n going to be redoing his horns and teeth as you can tell little bit messy.

Without rebuilt maps in mental ray this render took around 54 minute; using the existing FG and Photon maps took around 2:32 seconds.

I discovered a neat trick of reversing the normals of the sphere this is all enclosed in and turning the Secondary Diffuses Bounces up. Made it turn out reeaaaal nice.

I'm going to be updating this with the cave boy model but finding a good work flow for setting up his skin and getting all the maps set-up for his skins SSS.

Also, an amazing mixtape from the good ol Donald Glover.


Been fooling around with the render settings.


Dragon UPDATE!

Here is the quick concept sketch that I stole from

Here are my far...

Dragon and Kid Work in Progress from Geoff Palmer on Vimeo.


Halloween Birthday Card

I was asked to make a birthday invitation card for a pal of mine. Here is the result!

Puff the Magic Dragon

Small tiny little 3D model I did while watching some old comic con stuff on the youtubes. It's a concept of Ryans that I recently discovered hidden deep withing the webs of the internet. Only a few hours spent on it. Will continue to work on it tomorrow.


Puff the Magic Dragon from Geoff Palmer on Vimeo.


Pumpkin Rot Witch Sculpt WIP

Currently working on a witch that pumpkin rot put together. I'm really digging halloween decorations as of late and he does really great hand made work. I'm gonna see this one to the end should turn out reeeeal nice! Right now it's at about 30 percent complete; so lots and lots more work to put into her. Just some WIP renders for viewing pleasure.

Interactive Kobold!

I was recently told about this sweet lil gem Sketchfab. So I've uploaded my Kobold .obj for your closer looks and inspections.

Weekend Speed Sculpt

Some shots of the weekends speed sculpt challenge. I'm not sure if I'm going to do anything with her possibly do something Halloween directed. Below are some tunes as well that I had rockn on the headphones.

I'm going to go back and work on the car a bit more after this or I was thinking of making the Wagon Queen Family Truckster from National lampoons vacation. WE SHALL SEE...

Wagon Queen Family Truckster

3-D Blue Car

I was inspired by the stop motion and 3D moving picture cars. I love the style and have been wanting to fully model one in ZBRUSH. So here so far are the results of this venture. Took me 4 days to this point.Going to work on textures and some more modeling. Than it shall be real nice and shiny. I'll put up a turn-table as well.

Blue Car Zbrush from Geoff Palmer on Vimeo.

Boba Fett Helmet

Quick speed sculpt and render of thee one and only Boba Fett helmet. Found a great website for reference at I'll work on getting some still shots up put a little gold cap on it for the Golden look.

Boba Fett Helmet from Geoff Palmer on Vimeo.

Kobold Texture Update

I'm going to continue working on texturing him and working on his anatomy.

Kobold from Geoff Palmer on Vimeo.

Kobold 3D Version

This was done from an amazing drawing by Ryan Stark over at

Check his work out and follow!

Palm Tree 3D Gig

Quick 3D Palm tree freelance GIG for commercial. Ill upload better renders in-time.

Carson Hammock

Here is the opening shot of Carson in Hammock. It's being looked over by some people for analyzing so it can be the best it can be. But all in all I see it as a great push in shot of Carson sleepn in his hammock.

Carson Shot Update

Here is one of the shots the is being worked on. No real shadows at the moment. I'm still working on the lighting. Wanting to see a chandelier up top beaming down light but the shot is to tight for that. I'll eventually prolly pullout so far it will just become a push in establishing shot. The lights will have a nice little movement to them. Working towards a film noir lighting but not so harsh and noticeable. The output of the video is HD this is just a teaser in lower quality.