Been fooling around with the render settings.


Dragon UPDATE!

Here is the quick concept sketch that I stole from

Here are my far...

Dragon and Kid Work in Progress from Geoff Palmer on Vimeo.


Halloween Birthday Card

I was asked to make a birthday invitation card for a pal of mine. Here is the result!

Puff the Magic Dragon

Small tiny little 3D model I did while watching some old comic con stuff on the youtubes. It's a concept of Ryans that I recently discovered hidden deep withing the webs of the internet. Only a few hours spent on it. Will continue to work on it tomorrow.


Puff the Magic Dragon from Geoff Palmer on Vimeo.


Pumpkin Rot Witch Sculpt WIP

Currently working on a witch that pumpkin rot put together. I'm really digging halloween decorations as of late and he does really great hand made work. I'm gonna see this one to the end should turn out reeeeal nice! Right now it's at about 30 percent complete; so lots and lots more work to put into her. Just some WIP renders for viewing pleasure.