Carson Cowhand Update

Still been slowy working on Carson Cowhand Part 2! Here are a couple shots. ENJOY!

Dragon Mental Ray Render

The model has about a 17k poly count coming from z-brush. Models size at highest subdivision was just a bit over 1mil. I was more eager in the process to get to this point and not so much super fine intricate texturing in ZBrush. I'n going to be redoing his horns and teeth as you can tell little bit messy.

Without rebuilt maps in mental ray this render took around 54 minute; using the existing FG and Photon maps took around 2:32 seconds.

I discovered a neat trick of reversing the normals of the sphere this is all enclosed in and turning the Secondary Diffuses Bounces up. Made it turn out reeaaaal nice.

I'm going to be updating this with the cave boy model but finding a good work flow for setting up his skin and getting all the maps set-up for his skins SSS.

Also, an amazing mixtape from the good ol Donald Glover.