Zbrush Color Update

I got this idea from a minature I saw. It looked similar in the lower area as this guy. Down below is a picture of it for viewing reference.

And this is what was created after viewing the blog

Paint Bard.

Zbrush Swamp Creature Sculpt from Geoff Palmer on Vimeo.

Swamp Creature Pose WIP

I'm going to spend tomorrow painting this dude. I posed him out today thinking he'll be shooting a ball of fire out of his hand and the ball at the top of the staff will glow. I'm assuming I'll be doing that post stuff quickly in AE after I get him colored and rendered outta zbrush.

This is what I watched while modelling him and posing him out today. If you ever played Smash Bros you'll dig this series from EastPointPictures.


Swamp Creature 3D Sculpt

This was just a couple hour sculpt. I'm going to keep going with this over the next day or so and see where it ends up. Full color and all!

While I work I also enjoy the viewing pleasure of LGR.

Zbrush Brave Knight Render

Medieval Brave Knight Zbrush Turntable from Geoff Palmer on Vimeo.

Fully rendered in Zbrush and a little bit of composting done in the good'ol MS Paint. I've found a nice trick that if you use the depth map and put it into your alpha channel you can use it as the lens blur in Photoshop. Which adds a nice touch when presenting the model. I'll work on waiting for the rendered turnaround. The only bad thing is after waiting an hour and a half to find that it was rotating in the Y direction the whole time; it turns one to drinking...another pot of coffee. So do small lil renders as test first than move onto the fully flared up render.


I've recently been asked, how do you know if your render settings are correct?


If fans you never knew existed in your computer turn on...your doing your render correctly. I keed.

I'll be working on getting some other nice renders of of this fella out. I've been playing a lot of Syphon Filter 2 though for the PS1 so I don't know...I don't know if I'll have time.

Brave King Knight Sculpt

This went from a day speed sculpt into something I've been slowing working on over the pass day or so. I'm going to work on some facial expressions maybe do a sheet. Than move onto posing him out with a sword and a nice crown on top. Soon as I find the blog that I was inspired by I'll link it to the final renders.

The inspired by art was Denis Zilber Art Blogt go check out this amazing illustrator!