Recent Tabletop Game Work

Working on a new table top game that is coming out. Here are some shots of the characters I did. They are being printed out at 1 inch to 2 inches high. Enjoy!


Knight Expression Sheet



Zbrush Face of Shock

Still clicking menus and moving sliders on this. Lots of emotion pics of this fella to come.

This is one of the guys who created Super Meat Boy. Also interviewed on the documentary on Netflix called Indie Game: The Movie.


Teeth Return...In 3d!

Some teeth I created in Maya and Zbrush. It's a nice process of creating anatomy like this. I think I might do a little series. Eyes...organs...who knows.

I'm gonna stick these in the Brave Knights mouth and begin putting together an expression sheet.

Why is 4,840 square yards like a bad tooth ?

Because it is an acre.