Batman Tightening

I find it a nice workflow to get a still out and measure all the proportions in Photoshop. Somehow the eye knows there is something wrong but it's hard to identify just sculpting and eyeballing it. Tightened up the mask and fixed a bit of the proportions. I will be getting a full render out with Mental Ray this week! Need to work on my SSS chops.

I always thought money was something just to make me happy. But I've learned that I feel better being able to help my folks, 'cause we never had nothing. So just to see them excited about my career is more of a blessing than me actually having it for myself.

Kendrick Lamar

Batman Bust Concept 3D

I think I'll bring a right hand into the picture. His glove designs can be really great looking.

All men have limits. They learn what they are and learn not to exceed them. I ignore mine.


Rotating 3D Shark

Needed a mascot created shredding up a hard drive. I created this fellah based on what reference I was provided. Bruce was a heavy influence. They took this and put it on there company trucks as a big sticker decal. I gave them Photoshop concepts - some being him staring straight into the car next to you. Hehe

SharkRotation from Geoff Palmer on Vimeo.

If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.

John F. Kennedy